January 14, 2021

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Aurora Health and Nutrition

You deserve to feel good! Maintain a healthy weight, have plenty of energy, sleep soundly through the night, wake-up feeling refreshed, think clearly, have a good memory, and stay focused!

You deserve to have a reliable and reproducible measurement from which to begin to make nutritional improvements. HTMA is essential to get the information needed to make these reliable changes.

Thyroid and adrenal issues can be improved and detoxification can be improved when your nutrient mineral level rates are improved and balanced.  But first we need to accurately know your intercellular mineral levels. Over 94% of all the minerals in our body are inside our cells. Thus blood testing mineral levels is unreliable.

Imagine how great you will feel after you give your body exactly what it needs to function properly!

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Aurora Health and Nutrition

January 14, 2021


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