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Ozone Therapy (since 1906 in medicine)

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Boost your maximum health potential with ozone therapy.

Just as we watch technology evolve at a rapid pace year after year, so too does the discovery of ways you can treat and nourish your body to boost your maximum health potential. Ozone Therapy offers a multitude of benefits to your body and in return your quality of life.

Disclaimer: though everything represented on our website regarding the science of medical ozone comes directly from reputable publications, books and scientific journals; and though thousands of these articles are available on official NIH government websites (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/), and even though ozone therapy has been certified and authorized for treating viruses by other countries, these claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the FDA has not certified, endorsed or approved any of the scientific findings as methods of treating or diagnosing any diseases or illnesses. The FDA in spite of 114 years of evidence continues to consider Ozone a toxic gas with no apparent safe use in humans. The AAO and many other organizations who back the medical uses of Ozone and the IOG more than publications suggest they are ignorant or don’t care.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy involves introducing the Ozone molecules in specific ways to our body. The most common method is mixing it with our blood in an IV and reintroducing our ozonized blood back into our body.

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is composed of three oxygen atoms

Ozone is a naturally occurring element found in our atmosphere. The ozone molecule (O3) contains three oxygen atoms whereas the oxygen molecule (O2) contains only two. Therefore, Ozone is a form of oxygen and can be produced by special technology in a doctor’s office.

History of Medical Ozone

Despite its dubious status in the USA as an “alternative” treatment, for the past 150 years Ozone Therapy has been thoroughly studied and widely utilized throughout Russia, Cuba, Europe and Asia. For US patients who encounter it for the first time it’s an interesting and curious treatment, because it seems so simple, natural and effective, that one wonders why so few US doctors use it.

As a matter of fact, even though it is statistically one of the safest medical treatments known, until relatively recently, Ozone Therapy was illegal in many states, and patients had to travel to Mexico to find American doctors who practiced “Integrative Medicine” and whose specialization included Ozone Therapy.

The reasons for this negativity and resistance to ozone in the US are entirely political and commercial, (as many disruptive innovations encounter), and have nothing to do with what is good for patient care. In general Ozone is inexpensive to make and administer and is generally more effective than any other therapies that I have ever used to treat patients and for more reasons, and with more uses.

The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Just a few of the many established beneficial effects of Ozone Therapy include: Dental caries (cavities), decreased blood cholesterol, increases red blood cell metabolism, increases oxygenation of tissues, increases mitochondrial production of ATP, preserves tissues suffering from hypoxic and ischemic conditions, and accelerates wound healing. Ozone Therapy comes with a long list of benefits as a complimentary medical approach in the treatment of various diseases:

  • Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Heart Disease
  • Lyme Disease
  • Autoimmune Disease

Additional Health Benefits Include

  • Anti-Aging
  • Boost of the immune system
  • Increased energy production in your cells
  • Reduces the oxidation of your body
  • Reduces the level of acidity of your body
  • Kills bacteria and all known viruses
  • Stimulates white blood cell production
  • Fights infections

How Ozone Therapy Works

Ozone has different actions depending on its concentration and how it’s administered. We refer to the actual dose used to achieve repeated beneficial results. While ozone does have a direct killing effect on bacteria, funguses, protozoa and viruses, its main mechanisms of action are by stimulating (modulating) our natural physiological immune and regenerative systems. Thus, ozone easily fits into the category of “biological therapy”, or “physiological therapy”. We sometimes refer to it as a “biologic modifier”

Ozone has six primary modes of therapeutic significance:

1. Regenerative

e.g. Ozone injection into the shoulder

By stimulating mitochondria, ozone supports and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal damaged tissue and regenerate healthy tissue. Examples include ozone injections to heal damaged joints. It accomplishes this by stimulating the mitochondria of cells that are actively involved in regeneration, such as stem cells or the cells that generate new collagen in a damaged joint, or those that form new bones in the case of bone damage. Ozone also generaly reduces inflammation and increases NRF2.

Note: Every cell in your body is dependent on ATP from which it derives the energy it needs to perform its functions. ATP is generated in mitochondria. Therefore, if your cells have more ATP, they function better. From cells that make collagen, to cells that make your hormones, or make natural antioxidants, or detox your blood… everything is dependent on the health of your mitochondria. Ozone may be better at supporting the health of your mitochondria than any other known substance.

Interestingly, prokaryote cells which include all bacteria do NOT have mitochondria, so they are not helped by ozone, rather ozone is toxic to them.

2. Infectious Disease

Wherein ozone attacks pathogenic infections by bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses, and stimulates the body’s natural immune defenses. This form of physiological therapy is called Oxidative Therapy.

Note: Ozone attacks the cellular membranes (walls) of microbes, so all bacteria fungi, yeast and all viruses are susceptible.

Note: Ozone is also a powerful stimulator of immune functions by increasing your generation of interferon, tumor necrosis factor and Interleuken-2. All of these are essential in a healthy immune response to microbial infection attacks.

Note: Bacteria cannot develop resistance to ozone, neither can viruses.

3. Cancer

Wherein ozone attacks malignant cells, and protects healthy cells. It can also be a powerful adjunctive therapy to chemotherapy. As in #2 above, this form of physiological therapy is Oxidative.

4. As a Detox Agent

DSAP (disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis) before and after treatment with high dose ozone therapy

Ozone stimulates the body’s natural ability to generate its own anti-oxidants. This is particularly important for the health of the two organs that generate more oxidative activity than all other organs, namely, your liver and brain.

5. Anti-Oxidative Response

Ozone stimulates a powerful anti-oxidative response by our bodies and has proven effective in subduing the overproduction of inflammatory cells such as those associated with Asthma, Diabetes, as well as other painful inflammatory diseases like arthritis, Fibromyalgia and others.

6. Oxygenation

Ozone stimulates oxygen metabolism by empowering your red blood cells with greater cellular energy derived from glycolysis. This also increases the ability of your red blood cells to deliver greater quantity of oxygen to your tissues. Ozone not only increases your body’s ability to heal and regenerate new tissues, it directly attacks bacteria, who are anaerobic and are negatively affected in an oxygen rich environment.

For more information see: Ozone therapy: A clinical review from The National Center for Biotechnology Information

How Ozone is Administered

As the clinical evidence for the effectiveness of Ozone therapy is gaining recognition, there are now several clinics throughout the country that are having remarkable results treating chronic complex infections, like Lyme and various viral infections with ozone.

Intravenous (IV)

The preferred method of administering ozone therapy is intensive intravenous (IV) ozone protocols. The most effective of these therapies is Hyperbaric ozone therapy with the Hermann or Zotzman device, also known as “Ten Pass” therapy, or multipass. Ozone mutipass can also be combined with Webber Laser, IV Therapy for possible more sustained results!


Ozone can be injected directly into joints and soft tissues, turning on healing, killing bacteria, and reducing inflammation.


Though Ozone is powerfully effective when administered as an IV, It has a similar effect when applied internally or topically in the form of ozonated oils such as olive oil. (Nikola Tesla was the first to develop these medicinal oils for physicians). Water can also be ozonated for drinking and bathing in.

Nasal insufflation of ozone for sinus problems

Ozone gas, at precise concentrations, can be infused into a bag that is encapsulating a limb, (“limb bagging”), or used in ozone saunas. With Extra Virgin Olive Oil reduction is remarkably beneficial for sinus, allergy, and rhinitis uses. Ozone is being used as such with other modalities to increase wound healing.


Ozone can be infused directly into body cavities, called “insufflation”. (Rectal/colon, vaginal, ears, sinuses, bladder.)

The Results

In each of these cases, the ozone treats localized infections, and supports an accelerated healing of the inflamed tissue. Bottom line, ozone therapy has been documented safe by many published articles, is natural and works physiologically to eradicate all sorts of infections and boost your overall health and well-being.

Ozone Therapy as a Defense and Treatment for Viral Infections

See articles: Global Literature on Coronavirus Disease

See article: Ozone Therapy: A Clinical Review

See article: Recovery of Four COVID-19 Patients via Ozonated Autohemotherapy

See article: Oxygen-ozone (O2-O3) Immunoceutical Therapy for Patients with COVID-19. Preliminary Evidence Reported

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