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We are holistic in our approach, focused on getting to the root cause of a condition in order to treat it at the source, rather than treating surface or symptomatic conditions, which usually offer only temporary solutions. Our focus is the physiological transformation of the organ systems, from hormone glands to the skin, from aged and damaged, to younger and healthier functioning.

Our unique approach involves the stimulation of the physiological processes naturally existing in our organs, that produce health and vitality internally and vibrant beauty externally.

In a nutshell: If your organs and glands are not properly functioning on the inside, not only will your energy and vitality be diminished, your external beauty will likely be diminished as well.

Dr. Robert Thompson

Dr. Thompson also offers telephone consultations with regards to the best product selection for various medical and nutritional problems.

In this Consultation, he provides a detailed interpretation of HTMA results and guides the implementation of the HTMA results with specific and individualized nutritional and supplement recommendations based on his extensive experience. His personal modifications of the HTMA recommendations are offered to optimize results.

Further evaluation and medical therapy may be provided in some cases as indicated (e.g. thyroid hormone therapy, trans mucosal bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and testosterone replacement therapy).

These are considered nutritional consultations and are not covered by insurance. Please call his office to schedule an appointment or to get further information at (907) 260-6914 (Alaska Time, M-T 9AM-5pm, F 9AM-3PM). The charges are reasonable and discounted from typical office rates in order to help more people.

This may not always be the case as Dr. Thompson grows in popularity and stature. We consider it a privilege to serve you. Thank you for your trust.

What Our Customers are Saying
“I absolutely love this website it’s user friendly and I receive prompt service not to mention since finding this site and purchasing their products I feel so much better. I in fact never knew how bad I actually felt until after a few weeks on the products. I noticed more energy, and clarity in my thinking.”
Sue Mann