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Our entire medical philosophy begins with an astonished appreciation for the sheer genius and wonder of human physiology within the even greater miracle and mystery of life itself. For me as a physician, the more we understand about the intricacies of how biological life functions, the more we are awed by the realization that (as Einstein said) we are touching the mind of God.

Dr. Robert G. Thompson, M.D.,

co-author of “The Calcium Lie” and “The Calcium Lie 2.” These items are proven in his experience to improve your health and quality of life. Indeed, Dr. Thompson is so convinced that these products will produce results that we are offering a full refund (less shipping and handling) if you are not completely satisfied!

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Aurora Health and Nutrition is your source for the high quality, 100% whole food vitamins, minerals, and supplements, hand picked by Dr. Robert G. Thompson, M.D., co-author of “The Calcium Lie 2”

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

You deserve to feel good! Maintain a healthy weight, have plenty of energy, sleep soundly through the night, wake-up feeling refreshed, think clearly, have a good memory, and stay focused!

Ozone Therapy

Just as we watch technology evolve at a rapid pace year after year, so too does the discovery of ways you can treat and nourish your body to boost your maximum health potential.

IV Therapies

Chelating agents are substances that can chemically bond with toxic minerals, metals and chemicals within the body. They encircle and carry away the unwanted matter from the body via excretion.

BHRT – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
There is no reason that even in your 60s, 70s and 80s, you shouldn’t enjoy the vitality produced by “hormone optimization”, bringing you back to levels you had when you were “20” years old.

As we age and our glands lose their vitality, our hormones fade, become imbalanced, chemicals interfere with the hormones and then actually wreak havoc on our ability to function, feel good, and thrive.

Major Autohemotherapy Explained: Benefits, Risks, and What to Expect
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“I absolutely love this website it’s user friendly and I receive prompt service not to mention since finding this site and purchasing their products I feel so much better. I in fact never knew how bad I actually felt until after a few weeks on the products. I noticed more energy, and clarity in my thinking.”
Sue Mann